Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mash Potato

I think I'm right when I say that everyone loves mash potato and no matter who you ask there will be a different answer on how to prepare and cook it and what twist you can add to make it a bit more interesting. Even though I have more than a few ways to prepare my mash, this is definitely my favourite way to prepare mash. It came to me by accident 3 days ago when I ran out of spring onions. Both me and my girlfriend agreed that this was the best mash I have ever cooked.

This recipe serves four people

What you need:

10 medium sized potatoes
5 large tbs of butter
1 and a half tsp of pepper
4 shallots
1 large handful of fresh coriander
half a cup of milk

What to do:

Right, all chefs have a different opinion on whether or not to put the potatoes into cold or boiling water. To be honest, I have tried both methods and haven't really noticed any difference. So I just put the water on boil and peel the potaotes whilst the water is boiling. When the potatoes are ready, dice them into small chunks. This will allow them to cook quicker, saving you time and energy. Then add them to the water with a pinch of salt. I like to use sea salt and as you get to know me, you will find out I use it quite generously. Boil the potatoes until they are soft. Meanwhile, finely chop the shallots and coriander. When the potatoes are ready, drain them well and put them back into the sauce pan. Whilst the potatoes are still hot, add the butter and pepper and mash them until there are no lumps. When you are done, add the shallots, coriander and milk and mix it well. Your mash will be ready to serve.

Happy cooking and enjoy.

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  1. Absolutely delicious. The spring onion version was brilliant already but the coriander gave it a really nice kick. x