Monday, 13 June 2011

This week's meal plan

I have only just started my blog over the last week. And I thought it was a good idea to share my weekly meal plan with you, so you could get a good impression of the types of recipes, new and old, that I like to cook. My weekly menu always consists of a balance between budget meals, that cost around £5 and experimental meals that I have never tried before (so I can't promise it will be a success). For these meals I find that the BBC Good Food website a reliable source of inspiration. I hope this menu gives you inspiration for your weekly shop.

Monday: Chilli con carne

Tuesday: Baked potato with coleslaw, cheese and left over chilli

thursday: Just Mad pork curry

Friday: Sausage casserole

Saturday: Spiced beef stir-fry topped with spring onion and coriander

Sunday: Parsee red chicken curry (Mumbai)

BTW my oven is not working, so my slow roasted chicken will have to wait until another time.

Happy cooking and enjoy

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